/scoreboard players tag @a flowerpot {SelectedItem:[{id:"minecraft:flower_pot",tag:{display:{Lore:["Işınlayan Saksı"}]}}}]

I writing this command but not working. What is the problem?

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The syntax of /scoreboard players tag is:

/scoreboard players tag <player> <add|remove|list> <tagName> [dataTag]

You are missing add before flowerpot.

SelectedItem should be a compound tag (curly brackets) rather than a list (square brackets).

There's also some other issues with your closing brackets, such as trying to close Lore:[ with } rather than ].

The fixed command should be:

/scoreboard players tag @a add flowerpot {SelectedItem:{id:"minecraft:flower_pot",tag:{display:{Lore:["Işınlayan Saksı"]}}}}
  • Hmm I understand Nov 26, 2016 at 19:21

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