I have defeated the Thalmor on the ship and gotten the map for the quest "A New Source of Stahlrim," but when I try to take the map back to Baldor, it won't let me talk to him. Instead, he just does the normal NPC dialogue thing, where he says random things and doesn't let you actually tell him anything. Why does it do this, and how can I fix it? I am tired of going into my inventory to drop or store things I don't need and trying to drop the map and not being able to!

  • Actually, I figured it out... I was about to come in and answer my own question lol... Commented Nov 28, 2016 at 21:03
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If you have not completed the main questline and defeated Miraak, you cannot accept any new missions from the Skaal or complete any missions that you may have already received.

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