Ok, so most followers in this game are able to hold a limited amount of items when you trade with them, but can hold an infinite number of items with a glitch (I'm not really sure if it is a glitch or if it was intentional). You have to ask them to do something and then tell them to pick up an item or take all from a chest/container. However, I can't get Serana to do it because she doesn't have the "I need you to do something." dialogue option. Is there a way to get her to pick up items?


If you look at her feet and hold down the select button for a few seconds, then let go, it will give you the odd, x-shaped cursor that you get when you ask followers to do something. You can then move to the item/container and press the select button again. You can then exit the action the same way you would with the infinite inv. glitch. This works with all followers that I have encountered. I have only done this with the PS3 version (although I didn't have Dawngaurd on there, so I couldn't actually do it with Serana... but it worked with every other follower I actually tried) and PS4 Skyrim Special Edition.

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  • Ok so I wanted to put this on here because I couldn't find an answer to this question when I actually needed it, and at that point I didn't have an account on here, so I couldn't do anything to find out. I did lots of experimentation and couldn't find any way to do it, then I was trying to pick something up myself in the mission with Frea to clear out Miraak's Temple. Frea did what followers do and stepped on the object I was trying to pick up. I held down the select button and it gave me the option to have her pick up the item. – ZachTalonGamesYT Nov 29 '16 at 0:01
  • (CONTINUATION OF PREVIOUS COMMENT) I then remembered the way that it had worked with followers on my PS3 version, which I hadn't played in months after managing to defeat alduin and Ulfric, in the two main questlines. I figured out that it would work with Serana about a week later. – ZachTalonGamesYT Nov 29 '16 at 0:02

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