The worst moveset for Arcanine is Bite/Bulldoze. Are they able to defeat fire-type Pokémon around its current CP?

  • Pretty much anything can beat anything if you're good at dodging
    – Sayse
    Nov 29, 2016 at 9:05

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If you're asking if Bulldoze is a good move against fire types, then ground types are super effective against fire types.

That doesn't matter much though since Bite has a higher DPS, so it isn't really too effective to use Bulldoze all that much anyway.

Regardless, there are much easier ways to take down a fire type such as using a water pokemon with STAB, preferably one with Water Gun/Hydro Pump.

  • If the arcanine is the attacker, then there are better ways to take down a fire type
  • If it is the defender, it doesn't matter anyway since the attacker can attack faster and can choose an opponent that would be stronger.

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