Just a bit curious, as to which Z-Move has the highest power. When I say this, I mean in base power, this is not including any other additional effect.


Inferno Overdrive when using V-create has 220 base power, making it the Z-move with the highest possible base power, as well as the second-strongest move after Explosion.

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When looking solely at the base power of certain Z-Moves the two strongest are Catastropika by Pikachu and Pulverizing pancake by Snorlax with a power of 210 each.

Note that only pokemon specific Z-Moves actually have a base power. The type specific ones (such as Breakneck Blitz) will scale off the chosen move. This means that a Breakneck Blitz used through Quick attack will be weaker (BP 100) than a Breakneck Blitz used through Mega Kick (BP 190).

The original attack will be chosen through the Z-Move overlay. As soon as you press the Z-Move button you'll see the overlay and if you have multiple compatible attacks you'll have the same Z-Move multiple times.
For example: If you have Quick Attack as the first entry on your attack list and Mega Kick as your 3rd you'll see 2 Breakneck Blitz on the 1st and 3rd position.

Another interesting attack in terms of strength is the Guardian of Alola move which deals damage equal to 75% of the opponents current health.

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It's obviously either Pulverizing Pancake, Tectonic Rage,or Shattered Psych

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    This contradicts the accepted answer that was posted 3 years ago. You can improve your answer by adding your reasonings to why you say they are the strongest Z-moves – Wondercricket Feb 11 at 22:29

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