Using a 55" TV, the size of most UI text is less than 1cm tall. This is very hard to read sitting 6-7 feet away.

I looked through the options, but I didn't find any obvious way to increase the size of the HUD or text. Is there any way to do this?


In the Final Fantasy Update 1.09, the font size has been increased

Here’s everything Square Enix says was added with update 1.09 today:


Enlarged font sizes for the subtitles and various menu screens


It does not mention exactly how much of an increase, but I am sure it allows a better readability of the text

I have read many reports and complaints on this same issue, however there is currently no way to adjust the font-size in Final Fantasy XV.

In the meantime, a user on Final Fantasy XV Forums suggests

Until they patch that, try using this: In the Settings menu of the PS4, go to Accessibility and turn on Zoom in. When you want to read the small text, press PS button+Square.

In recent discussion, the director states they are looking at tweaking the readability in upcoming updates

NA Square Enix

... We’re also examining readability tweaks - increasing font size - for certain languages ...

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