Using a 55" TV, the size of most UI text is less than 1cm tall. This is very hard to read sitting 6-7 feet away.

I looked through the options, but I didn't find any obvious way to increase the size of the HUD or text. Is there any way to do this?


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In the Final Fantasy Update 1.09, the font size has been increased

Here’s everything Square Enix says was added with update 1.09 today:


Enlarged font sizes for the subtitles and various menu screens


It does not mention exactly how much of an increase, but I am sure it allows a better readability of the text

I have read many reports and complaints on this same issue, however there is currently no way to adjust the font-size in Final Fantasy XV.

In the meantime, a user on Final Fantasy XV Forums suggests

Until they patch that, try using this: In the Settings menu of the PS4, go to Accessibility and turn on Zoom in. When you want to read the small text, press PS button+Square.

In recent discussion, the director states they are looking at tweaking the readability in upcoming updates

NA Square Enix

... We’re also examining readability tweaks - increasing font size - for certain languages ...

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