When, if ever, do siege towers stop working - and how can we tell?

Nothing in Civipedia or that I can find on Google.

  • I wonder if this has now been patched out? – niico Feb 1 '17 at 10:46

I have used this tactic to win before. Despite logic's disapproval, a siege tower stacked in the same tile as a helicopter allows the late, light cavalry unit to ignore walls. With the final light cavalry promotion to extend movement points to support units of the same tile, a group of 5 helicopters with a few siege towers bound to them can destroy a city/turn (if terrain/enemy placement allows). This means that building a number of siege towers before obsoletion could erase the need for artillery class units in mid-late game wars.

Basically- yes siege work, even with helicopters and the least of likely melee class units. I expect it to be patched out in the future, however it does add another strategy to mid-late to late game warfare.


I can't speak from experience, but I have heard Siege Towers continue to be effective even though you can't build them. I remember one comment recommending to save several.

Siege Tower's ability is that a melee unit can attack city health directly, bypassing walls. So this would be fairly easy to test, pop an Infantry in a Siege Tower and see if the majority of the damage is against the city health (bottom, green bar) as opposed to the wall health (top, blue bar).

  • True I'm just not in a game where I can test this now. Logically it seems ridiculous - siege towers obviously stopped being used in medieval times IRL. – niico Dec 1 '16 at 18:10

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