I cannot find any file of screen shots in My Document and game folder for Fallout 4. Where are those files?

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  • @Robotnik Fallout 4 is released quite a while now and I couldn't think of any reason why looking at screenshots one took could be illegal. – Philipp Dec 8 '16 at 18:48
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    I am kind of confused by this as well @Philipp Edit Oh wait looking at the edits kind of explains why it was closed. Also the comments on the answer below. – Ramirez Dec 8 '16 at 18:49
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    @Phillips - OP admitted to piracy (comments on the answer below), and the 'correct' answer apparently does not hold true for the pirated game. To answer it the way OP wants would therefore be to provide technical support for a pirated game, and our policy is quite clear on this topic: we don't support blatant piracy. – Robotnik Dec 8 '16 at 19:56
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    @MohsenUnlimited I'm glad you got the answer you're looking for, however I won't reopen the question for the reasons stated above. Please understand, this isn't a reflection on you personally, but an upholding of one of the core off-topic rules of the site: "Piracy, and support with pirated games." – Robotnik Dec 9 '16 at 0:02
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    No. This is not an abuse of power. This is about upholding the rules. This is piracy, through and through. We care about helping actual legitimate gamers, not pirates. If you pirate a game, great! We don't care. But don't ask us to help you, because we won't. By accepting an answer that helps piracy, you're encouraging more of the same here, which is exactly what we don't want. – Frank Dec 9 '16 at 13:04

Your screenshot should be in the game folder wherever you installed it , something like C:\Program Files (x86)\Fallout 4.


[steam directory]/userdata/[userID number]/760/remote/screenshots/377160

The default Steam directory is C:/Program Files(x86)/Steam, but you may have changed it.

  • I have not this folder.I don't use Steam.Steam is not installed in my PC. – Mohsen Tavoosi محسن طاوسی Dec 5 '16 at 8:53
  • @MohsenUnlimited then, how you actually have installed game? I'm not sure if Fallout 4 has some default folder for screenshots, so it most probably depends on platform you've used to buy game. – lentinant Dec 5 '16 at 11:26
  • @lentinant I did not buy this game.This is cracked version. – Mohsen Tavoosi محسن طاوسی Dec 5 '16 at 11:42
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    @MohsenUnlimited then I can't provide answer (neither I'd like to help pirate). – lentinant Dec 5 '16 at 11:44
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    @MohsenUnlimited I mean, you're still a pirate, even if you have no legal recourse. But more importantly, we can't possibly know how exactly the game was cracked, because we weren't the ones who did the cracking. Your screenshots could be anywhere. – Dallium Dec 5 '16 at 21:08

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