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If I have a 10% Forme Zygarde and I trade it away to another game, does that mean the cells that make it up are lost and I am unable to assemble 100% Zygarde?

On the flip side, if I receive a Zygarde in a trade, can I break that down into cells?

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Apparently, if you trade away a Zygarde of any %, you will lose however many cells it took to construct it. See here:

Creating a zygarde will reduce the current percentage in your zygarde box. Trading this will not refund any cells, and you are unable to re-acquire them.

I wonder traded 2 10% forms, and have lost that 20%.

On the flip side, you are able to have more than 100 Zygarde cells. From this discussion about what happens if you break down a Zygarde you received in a trade:

Okay, I tested it out. It doesn't register you as having more than X/100 Zygarde, but the game acts like you do anyway. My Zygarde now has the Power Construct ability.

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