"Upgraded aerodinamics give a nice downforce effect" but this doesn't cut it for me. Does it make go quicker, similar to the gearbox effect, or does it make fly less, or something else ?


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It would appear that down force helps long term acceleration and grip.

I performed a very unofficial test with 0 down force and 5 or 6 levels of down force. The outcome: with the upgrades my shadow I'm accelerating faster, compared to my shadow I was testing against. Also I finally managed to go up a certain hill, and that was all due to grip, not acceleration.

Other answers welcomed though.


It pushes you down with more force and more rapidly.

This comes in handy for instance when you participate in a race with a penalty for air time. Having your car pushed to the ground makes it easier for you not to lose time.

Another scenario where I found downforce useful is in the tarmac races with many hills. Sometimes, withouth downforce, if you jump over from one hill to just a little below the top of the one that follows you just bump on it and lose your momentum. In the other hand with downforce, you can proceed a little quicker and the downforce will push you down to the valley where you'll have plenty of road to acquire speed to climb the hill.


I am pretty sure that it makes you:

  1. Go faster down hills meaning you have more momentum for the next hill/jump

  2. Become not as likely to fly or bounce on small bumps, and yes, get less air time.

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