In Minecraft what command could I use to summon a mob facing the players direction? So if I was facing north then when the pig (random example mob) spawned in it would face north as well. Thanks in advance!

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To get the exact rotation (rather than what Darkchill Slayer answered) you summon it with a certain tag:

/summon pig ~ ~ ~ {Tags:["Rotate"]}

And in an always active repeat command block:

tp @e[tag=Rotate] @p

This will not only teleport to the same location, but also with the same rotation. After the repeat command block you should add a chain command block:

scoreboard players tag @e[tag=Rotate] remove Rotate

This prevents it from always teleporting to a player


You can do this by using /summon

/summon Creeper ~ ~ ~ {Rotation:[90f,90f]}

If you want to spawn in a different direction, change the rotation angle tags (the 90 numbers)

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