Attached is a screenshot from the latest major. There is a numerical value presented below one of the clan flags (the side varies). My question is what does the number represent?

Screenshot from game

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It is the fan level (as the Wiki calls it) of the team.

I found a few Reddits asking about this. This one states:

[The] Amount of pennants level equipped of spectators in Dota TV. Basically every lvl 1 pennant adds 1 to the number, and lvl 2 pennants adds 2 to the number.

This Reddit says the same thing basically (with reference to Na'Vi):

It's the number of spectators in the DotA2 client who have a Na'Vi team pennant.

The Dota 2 Wiki calls this number the Fan Level on the pennants page:

Pennants are equippable items that allow users to show support for a team during tournaments, by increasing a team's Fan Level - visible in-game to other DotaTV users.


Those are pennants: They used to be sold on the Dota Store, and it was a way to cheer for your team, there are different levels to existing pennants and the level just multiplies how much a pennant is worth (pennant lvl 1 adds 1).

Iirc you can not buy pennants anymore, and even if you can, there are no pennants for new-ish teams.

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