So my game is Hide And Seek and I have to start each round and end each round all the time. I suck at /testfor so I need help. I want it so that when 0 players are on the in-game team, then the seeker wins automatically. I tried many different things. The team name for the in-game people is Player, so I tried this:

testfor @a[Player_player_amount=0] 

but it didn't work. What is wrong with it?


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The syntax for testing for players with at least some scoreboard objective value is such:

/testfor @a[score_objective_min=0]

,where objective is the name of your objective, and 0 is the minimal value (in whole numbers) that one of the the players must have.

I assume you objective is named player (with a small 'p'). The command would then be:

/testfor @a[score_player_min=0]

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