Is it possible to purchase Super Mario Run's "Worlds 1-6" once, and reuse it across multiple iOS devices that share the same Apple ID (e.g., buy it once and use it in your iPhone and iPad)?

I know it is possible to purchase an app in the App Store once and install it in all devices associated with that account - but as this is an "in-app purchase", I wonder if it is subject to different rules.

  • Same rule. (If the developer did follow Apples rules). – shallowThought Dec 16 '16 at 16:42

According to Polygon, Super Mario Run's "Worlds 1-6" unlock is a non-consumable purchase, as indicated by @Vemonus. While the app itself doesn't have an option to restore this purchase, you should go through the process of purchasing the unlock again. The application will show the following message:

You've already purchased this. Would you like to get it again for free?

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From here, you will have access across different devices, as this would fall under the following category:

Bonus game levels

Thus, this in-app purchase would be considered a non-consumable, which is treated in the following way:

You buy these items one time, and you can transfer them to other devices that are associated with your Apple ID. If you lose a non-consumable purchase, you might be able to download it again for free.

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