What is the max level skills you can reach in skyrim?

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Some items raise your skill level (e.g. Necklace of the Major Squire raises Light Armor 17 points). Without equipment or potion modifiers, the maximum level is 100.


Skill levels in Skyrim are your Base Skill (15-100) plus any Fortify Potions and Enchantments.

  • Most fortify skill enchantments may be applied to 4 equipment slots.
  • If you rely solely on drops, the maximum fortify skill enchantment will be +25. Skilled Enchanters can do significantly better.
  • If you rely solely on drops, the maximum fortify skill potion will be +25. Again, Skilled Alchemists can do significantly better.

As such, with some exceptions, a character who does no enchanting or alchemy can expect to be able to boost those skills that are fortified in this manner to about 225. Alchemist/Enchanters can do even better.

For completeness' sake, there are a few flavors of Fortify (Skill) effects in Skyrim.

  • Some, as discussed above, add to the character's numeric skill value.
  • Others, instead add a percentage to the the effect of your actions, specifically attack damage or armor value.
  • Fortify Enchantments for Spell Schools will generally reduce casting costs.
  • Fortify Potions for some spell schools will boost spell duration instead of effect.

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