I recently got a used iPad to do some "mobile" gaming. I want to move some of my in-progress games from my iPhone to the iPad. I don't want to do a full restore because the devices have dramatically different storage sizes (the iPhone backup probably wouldn't "fit"). I also intend to set up the iPad differently and just don't need everything restored (like Settings).

How can I tell if a game uses iCloud Drive to backup/sync progress, saves, characters, or any other kinds of game data?

I don't want to download each and every game onto the iPad to check, not only because that sounds like a lot of work, but I'm not sure what'll happen if an iCloud Drive syncing app shows up on two active devices at once.

Is it foolproof to look under Settings | General | Storage & iCloud Usage | Manage Storage | "App" and see if it has a "Documents & Data" item? For example, here is Transistor's screen:

enter image description here


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Go to Settings > iCloud > Manage storage > Backups > This iPad (it will be iPhone for you).


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