I am summoning items that don't die or get picked up for my command block shop and am doing granite and I know it's id is stone (1) but how do I do it in a command? My current command is:

/summon Item ~ ~2 ~ {Item:{id:minecraft:stone:1,Count:1},Age:-32768,PickupDelay:32767}

Nothing summons and I know it is because of the id because I've done it with other blocks and they work. What do I put in for the id for granite?


The :1 is not part of granite's id, but rather its Damage value:

/summon Item ~ ~2 ~ {Item:{id:minecraft:stone,Damage:1,Count:1},Age:-32768,PickupDelay:32767}
  • i also would like to know how when i am doing sel,ling items in my shop i want it to test for them and it wont sell them if they have more than the specified amount so how do i test for greater than an amount – bobby Dec 24 '16 at 23:54
  • nevermind that wasnt what was wrong i fixed it – bobby Dec 25 '16 at 0:09

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