My neutral caveman found a Mitre of Holiness and an Orb of Detection in a bones pile. I hate leaving good items, esp. artifacts, just laying around. Aside from burying them, or letting a pet have them, is there anything I can do with them? Helm of Opposite Alignment excluded--can't wear both helms and already have Orb of Detection (as well as +18 bought protection). I do have wand of Polymorph if they can polypile.

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  1. If you've not yet identified a helm of brilliance yet, take this opportunity to Name it from the floor.

  2. About your polypile idea: While the Book, Bell, Candle, and Amulet of Yendor, can't be polypiled. All other artifacts have (only?) a 95% chance of resisting each polymorph attempt. Good luck.

  3. Alternatively, spare Quest Artifacts might make fine bait for Rodney's Covetous attack, but I'm not sure I'd carry around another heavy crystal ball for such a small benefit.

Personally, I'm not sure I'd be too concerned about an inability to wear the Mitre of Holiness.

  • You probably already have intrinsic Fire Resistance, as it's not tough to get.
  • The 1/2 damage from undead & demons is only available to Priests anyway.
  • As the game's 2nd worst spell caster, a caveman would probably need a robe more than a helm of brilliance to become a decent caster. In any case you can still use a normal helm of brilliance if you really want to go that route, and Rodney won't be undressing you in combat.
  • Instant 1/2 Mana recovery on Invocation: How much mana is your caveman going to be spending anyway?
  • If you need the +1 MC, you can be get that from a ring (or better, cloak) of protection (that Rodney won't steal).

Let's be honest, for a caveman, the +1 MC is probably the most compelling aspect of that artifact. Given your high intrinsic protection, a +0 ring of protection should do the job without adding to the rate at which you burn nutrition.

Another fine choice of headgear for a melee character that just might want to cast some spells is the Elven Helm. No spell casting penalty and can be enchanted for better protection than a helm of brilliance.

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