I don't want to spend money on a new Xbox One controller so I'm trying to figure out some other way to play.

I understand that you can play on PC with an Xbox One controller, but does it work the other way - Can I use a PC controller on my Xbox One?

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    Clarify what you mean by "PC" controller. PC is a generic term these days and the fact that Microsoft designed the XBOne controller to be the same controller for Windows Gaming, they become interchangeable in the context of your question. – Shawn Gordon Dec 28 '16 at 2:46

Not sure what you mean with "pc controller".

You definitely CAN NOT use any other controller than the Xbox One controller to play on a Xbox One!

But a Xbox One controller can be used with a PC via cable and/or if wireless via the respective wireless stick.

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    You can buy third-party (non-Microsoft-branded) Xbox One controllers and use those, but they are still "Xbox One" controllers first and foremost. – Robotnik Jan 19 '17 at 0:43
  • And the HOTAS, but it's only good for one game at the moment that I know of. And again, the Xbox version, not any old HOTAS. – Dpeif Jun 16 '18 at 2:33

Uh, these guys are actually incorrect. I bought a wireless off brand controller off amazon. It doesn’t do the regular connection... it uses a usb dongle that plugs into front of Xbox... it works fine!!!! I’ve also used keyboard and mouse wirelessly and wired. And a Razer 18key pad controller and a mouse.


Sort of. You can connect it to your pc and then, if you have windows 10, you can use the xbox app to stream it to your computer and use the controller.

  • And how would I do that? Do you have any documentation or any more descriptive reference on how this should be done? – Fernando Leal Jan 9 '19 at 11:42

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