I have accounts for my two kids. The eldest, age 7, has a laptop. The youngest, 5, has a PC that hosts a multiplayer LAN game. We can join no problem, I can use my own account no problem. However, on the 5-year-old's PC, he can't chat or see any chat at all. I've done exhaustive Googling and playing with the chat settings. Chat is on Shown.

However, chat is simply not showing up. We can use console commands and they work, but we get no system message. If I type something on the PC (5 y/o) account, the laptop can see it, but we (the speaker) cannot. It's as if chat works, but is invisible. I'm sure the kid has done something because I often find him playing in the settings. Does anyone have an idea how to get chat to show even if invisible?


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Try this:

  • Either in game (Esc) or on the main menu press 'Options'
  • Press 'Chat Settings'
  • Make sure Opacity is 100% and Scale is 100%

If it's what I think it is, then this will fix it. And If you wish, you can change both settings to what you prefer.

  • In Windows 10, this is under Settings, Video, toward the bottom. It didn't solve my problem, though.
    – Noumenon
    Oct 10, 2017 at 0:03

It is a bug that is blocking chat and it will happen more in older versions of Minecraft. If you completely shut down the game and reopen it and it should help.


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