I quite often come across a wrecked/crashed satellite with a huge solar panel. If you dig down a bit you can see that it is generating power when the sun is out (the bars flash and fill up). I'd like to connect this to my base. I tried tethering out to it but could not get it to interact with the tethers.

Has anyone managed to connect it, and if so how?

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Reading this discussion, it seems that you can't directly connect the solar panel to the base. You need to connect a rover to the solar panel, and then to connect the rover to your base.

The final result should look like this:

enter image description here


While this answer does answer the question, the recent Basebuilding Update to the game has changed a few things. The game introduced a new power station based on wires that come out of platforms. So, one way to get connected to the solar panel would be to just place a platform next to it and connect the power. The update also added a new item called extenders which can be used to connect power lines over long distances. See their wiki page. Just connect the extenders to the solar panel and connect them to a platform at your base.


Once you completely dig out the panel with your excavator tool, you can use a truck with a winch to drag it back to your base.

Once near the base you can connect it.

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