I need to get coprite for my base's farm. All the farm specialist is telling me that it comes from "overfeeding" creatures.

However, I can't seem to overfeed them - I feed them once, and they smile and cavort, but then I can't feed them again. I've hung around a while, but no coprite seems to appear.

Is this just a case of "wait longer" - is it a random thing (in which case, should I just feed as many animals in the herd as possible?). Or is it specific animals (so far, I've only been feeding small herbivores)?


Wait time on excrement is between 30 seconds to one minute, on average.

After you feed a creature the substance it craves, a smiley face appears and it may run off. Either keep visual track of the creature and wait for a label to appear indicating the animal has left you a "gift" or press use the search function and look for the icon on your HUD.

  • I was hanging around for a good five minutes last night - went on again tonight and, yeah, less than a minute... – HorusKol Dec 29 '16 at 11:44

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