I just started playing Civ 6 and I'm trying to play the agendas of the other leaders smartly, but I'm having trouble with one. In my current Gandhi has the following two agendas:

  • Peacekeeper: Never declares war for which he can be branded a warmonger, and will try to befriend those who maintain peace. Hates warmongers.

  • Nuke Happy: Has no hesitation to use nuclear weapons. Respects other civilizations that project strength with nuclear weapons.

These two agendas seem pretty at odd with each other and it seems when I try to keep satisfy one, the other agenda causes me to be denounced. So how can I keep Gandhi satisfied?

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I would recommend being a peace maker. Build a few nukes but don't use them.

By the way, these traits of Ghandi aren't particularly meant to work together well, but are tribute to a bug: Why Ghandi is such an asshole in Civilization and Gandhi is still an asshole in Civilization VI.

If you don't like his nuke trait, you could remove it with a mod.

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