If an enemy is frozen, I know of several effects that cancel this effect (the frozen turn time ending is obvious):

  • Incendiary Bomb (Also other types of fire?)
  • Andromedon state change ("killing" first state while frozen)
  • Explosions (Always? What type?)

So: What other effects cancel the "frozen" state?


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As far as I know:

  • If you hit a Dominate or Insanity (and get Mind Control), then they will be unfrozen, but this is more of a help.
  • Killing the first stage of an Andromedon does mean that the shell won't be frozen, but it's important to note that killing the first stage is a kill for all intents and purposes. The shell is just spawned immediately afterwards, and the first stage doesn't drop a corpse, like, say, a Neonate Viper or Derelict MEC. So it's less "after the first stage, it thaws" and more "a completely different enemy spawns that isn't frozen".
  • On that note, killing an enemy does technically remove freeze effects, but that never matters. Psi zombies are another "completely different enemy" thing, just with the corresponding sprite. (And, funnily enough, if you reload a save with psi zombies, they'll all be reset to the same generic soldier sprite.)
  • The Dying Explosion ability, at the beginning of the unit's turn. The Dying Explosion ability is only possessed by the Sectopod and Gatekeeper, but I assume that it would still work if you modded it onto an ADVENT trooper or something.
    • Update: I'm not entirely sure yet whether this applies to War of the Chosen's ADVENT Purifiers, which explode upon death.
  • Frag grenades and plasma grenades don't seem to unfreeze enemies.

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