How can I tell what version I have of Civilization IV? I purchased it in Steam.

In Steam I can click on Properties -> Local Files and see "Current content BuildID: 494450". Is this enough? Is there a better way?


I am unsure if the Steam BuildID is useful for determining version. Instead, from the main menu (in-game) select Advanced, and then About this Build.

enter image description here

  • Can't believe I didn't look there. It was a late night. Thanks! – culix Dec 31 '16 at 20:45
  • Strangely, if I install both the normal version and the Original Release – UNSUPPORTED beta version on Windows, they both show the same version number of 1.7.4. Perhaps Steam is swapping out some of the data files behind the scenes but there is a version-tracking file that remains untouched. – culix Jan 2 '17 at 18:37

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