I am making a skywars map and I am almost finished, I just need to teleport players with the deathCount of 1 back to the islands while turning them into gamemode 3 (spectator). Is there a way to only teleport the dead players, but keep the alive players still at their places? I don't want to use a fake player or anything, I just need the tag for the scoreboard that isn't [team="team name"]. I need something to testfor the deathCount objective on the scoreboard.

For example, with /testfor @a[Q=1] with Q as deathCount, what would Q be?

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You can use a scoreboard objective to count deaths.

/scoreboard objectives add deaths deathCount will create an objective to count deaths.

You can then /tp @a[score_deaths=1,score_deaths_min=1] <wherever>

Of course, you would need to reset the score when the game is over.


UPDATE: This answer has become outdated due to a change in the question.

You need a scoreboard objective and a target.

Target: Some entity selector, or a fake player, whose score you can use for tracking on the objective, but it should only be one entity for lag purposes.

Then, here are the commands:

R=Repeating C=Chain`
TARGET=The target mentioned above
OBJ=The objective mentioned above

R: /scoreboard players set TARGET OBJ 0
C: /scoreboard players tag @a[tag=finalSurvivor] remove finalSurvivor
C: /execute @a[m=0, OTHER SELECTORS HERE ] ~ ~ ~ /scoreboard players add TARGET OBJ 1
C: /scoreboard players test TARGET OBJ 1 1
Conditional C: /scoreboard players tag @p[m=0] finalSurvivor

Remember to put it in standard chain fashion.

Then you can use @a[tag=finalSurvivor] to target the final player, you should do it at the end of the same chain.

/scoreboard objectives add Q deathCount
/tp @p[score_Q=1] X Y Z
/scoreboard players set @a[score_Q=1] Q 0
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