One of my caravans was attacked by some manhunting Wargs and someone sustained some minor injuries. How do I treat this person while he is still in the caravan?

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    There is also a mod that allows caravans to set up camp. You basically load a small map (not the usual size) and can quickly set up a camp to do some basic stuff before packing up and leaving again. – Flater May 10 '17 at 8:41

You can make temporary beds and treat the wounds like you normally would if you were at the colony with a bed (aka having another person treat the wounds when they are in a medical bed).

(around 9:00 we can see this in the Alpha 16 preview)


Two very accessible, but not immediately obvious ways:

  • Under Architect > Furniture, place a Sleeping Spot
  • If you added Bedrolls to your caravan, grab one and place it on the ground

Since a bed is required in order to treat injuries, either option will allow another colonist to tend to injuries.

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