Is there a way to change key bindings in Minecraft for example F1, F2, F3, etc?

I had no luck googling. I really want to know if there is a way to do this because I play on mac and you need to keep going into settings to do it. I really would like to do this.

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You can only rebind these system/debug keys:

  • Highlight Players (spectators) - no default key

  • Take Screenshot - default F2

  • Toggle Cinematic Camera - no default key

  • Toggle Fullscreen - default F11

  • Toggle Perspective (3rd person view) - default F5

That is, you can't rebind the Toggle HUD (F1) and Toggle Debug Screen (F3) button.

If your PC runs on newer versions of Windows (shudder), the F1-F12 keys have different functions. In order to use them in Minecraft, you must "override" Windows' F-key functions, by pressing one of the following keys when you press your F-key:

  • fn

  • WIN

  • ctrl / shift / alt

There is no mod I'm aware of that is capable of what you request; You can try to find one if you want. You can also use a keyboard/mouse macro.

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