In MTG: Puzzle Quest, after playing for a while with a card in your deck you earn "Mastery" over that card. The app tells you this, with a +2 (that is, a symbol of colored mana matching the color of the card). What effect does this have over the card, the deck or your planeswalker?

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From the official 1.5.8 Patch notes where this feature was added, there is a full explanation of what Color Mastery is/does:

Color Mastery

We are adding a new major feature, called Color Mastery. In a nutshell, Color Mastery is a point system, per color. Color Mastery is accumulated by mastering cards.

● You accumulate points on each card in your deck at the end of every fight.

  • Only cards in your deck get points, so you’ll want to mix it up to master as many cards as possible!

● Each card requires different amounts of points to be Mastered ­ few for Commons, lots for Mythics!

● When you Master a card, you gain points in that card’s color in your Color Mastery chart.

  • Colorless cards give you small amounts of points in every color
  • Dual­color cards give you points in both colors

When you enter an event (such as the Nodes of Power event), you will be set in a tier depending your Color Mastery, from Bronze to Gold.

  • The event’s color determines which Mastery the game looks at ­ for example, a Blue­-only event would only consider Blue Color Mastery.
  • Events that do not have color restrictions take your entire Color Mastery into account.

Each Tier in an event gives different rewards, and higher tiers give better rewards!

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