I am trying to find a jungle, but I cannot find one. How do I find one?

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Jim's method is about as good as it gets unless you don't require the world to be random. What I mean by 'not being random' is by using a seed where someone has identified a jungle at the game spawn point. Here are a few such seeds:

Large Jungle Biome - Seed:nopen

Jungle Island - Seed:agpiox



Jungles can be determinantly generated in random worlds. You just need to look hard to find one. I cannot find any suggested seeds for Minecraft: Pocket Edition, but all it takes is not just luck, but you need to try hard to find a Jungle. If you can't find a Jungle in one world, make another world and find one! If not, rinse and repeat. Make sure you made the worlds at "random seed".


When you create a world there are the seed "window" and there is a button ---> And you can tap on your seed.this is in newest mcpe.

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