I've started playing Sombra a lot more, and I ran into this on Route 66. I attempted to jump over a trap, but I got caught in it anyway. I was even invisible and moving faster than usual.

Is it possible to jump over a Junkrat trap without it triggering, with any character?


No characters can jump high enough.

Overwatch hitboxes have ben proven to work by radius (sphere) on many occasions, so junkrat trap should work the same. You would have to jump 1 meter high to clear it. And all characters jump less than that to my knowledge.

Characters who can rocket jump / float can of course clear it (Rocket jumping taking more skill of course)

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    I suppose a Pharah could hover over it, but that's unfortunate. I guess Junkrat needs all the help he can get though. – Kaizerwolf Jan 8 '17 at 17:22

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