Is it possible to use multiple charges of the same gadget at the same time?

For example, can I place two Fuze charges on two different windows, then activate them at the same time?

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Currently there is only one operator who can deploy multiple special gadgets and activate them simultaneously: The Japanese Offensive Operator Hibana.

Hibana can fire her X-KAIROS breaching pellets up to three times, when she chooses to detonate them all operational (that haven't been jammed by Mute or destroyed) pellets will be detonated simultaneously. This means that you can either open up three separate walls/floors simultaneously, or one large hole, or even only deploy one or two and save the rest to fire and detonate later.

All other Operators with triggerable deployables can only manually activate them one at a time.


No you cant do that, with any gadget in Rainbow 6.

Any Attacker Gadget in the current version of R6 can only be deployed 1 at a time.

That goes for breach Charges, operator gadgets etc.

If you could prep 3 cluster charged and let them all go at once, you could instantaneously clear out an entire floor. That would be too OP.

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