I am trying to find ways to build more effective freezers. I already know that creating thicker walls helps to reduce heat dissipation, but are there better materials in term of insulation? Which ones?

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Unfortunately, it doesn't look like material type has any effect on insulation value. The only way to improve walls' insulation is to make them thicker.

A user here(dead link) did a test to check how insulation worked:

"2 Wall" means the freezer was surrounded with a double thick wall. "2 Door" means that there are 2 doors in series with each other to enter the cell, not that there are two separate entrances.

As I expected, wall material has no effect on insulation. Also, the best insulation comes from having a double thick wall. Doors can significantly increase the heat transfer, even when not in use.

This was tested on an extreme desert map in the summer. Each test cell was cooled to -20 F and steady state, then power was cut to the coolers and temp was plotted each hour.

Another thread here also supports this:

Item stats have no effect at all.

However, double-thick walls will insulate better.

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    I'd like to add that triple-walls has a negligible or zero effect on increased insulation. I prefer to use stone walls due to the higher HP and inflammability. For the entrance to your freezer, creating an air break with two sets doors a tile apart will help decrease the heat transfer from opening and closing. Automatic doors will also decrease the heat transfer. Jan 11, 2017 at 19:57
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    At least in version 1.2 (don't know about prior versions), a wood wall has an insulation value of 14.4F, whereas a steel wall has an insulation value of 5.4F. Unfortunately stone walls (marble, granite, slate, limestone, and sandstone) don't list such values... yet.
    – TylerH
    Dec 8, 2020 at 3:50

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