My younger brother (10) likes to play Garry's Mod, but when he plays online, he sees lots of bad words in the text chat. Is there a way he can play online, but with the text chat disabled? Or if that's not possible, can I set it up so that the profanity is filtered out?


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hud_saytext_time 0 should do what you want. It's a client ConVar that controls the amount of time chat messages are visible for before decaying -- obviously setting it to 0 will cause them to not show up at all.

Do note that you can still see messages if you actually open up the chat: if that's an issue, you can simply unbind whatever keys you use for chat (y by default).


Open up Garry's mod and press ~ and then type hud_saytext_time 0.

You will have to do that each time you open up the game.

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