I've collected a large mixture of shuriken through polypiling. The different enchantments and BUCs are easy enough to mitigate for stacking, but I have quite a few that are poisoned (of differing ench/BUC). None are rustproof yet (that's one reason I want to stack). Besides using and waiting for it to wear away, dipping/rusting, or poisoning all of them, how can poison be removed? Will Cancellation work?

  • I have tested: cancellation does not work. Still testing other ideas, I'll answer if I find something. Neither do potions of water FWIW (don't think they rust items)
    – user140963
    Jan 16 '17 at 0:18

If you don't mind spending a healing potion on the project, you can #dip the missiles into one. Common, Extra, and Full strength versions will all do the job.

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