The recent addition of the ancient vaults gave some more to do in the post-game. They are filled to the brim with the unique monsters and have plenty of rewards.

I was wondering if the unique monsters can still drop their respective action figures while inside the ancient vault. I only question this because, so far, I haven't gotten a single action figure drop (though the chance is only 1/1000) and also, ancient vaults have slightly modified rules in the first place (like not dropping items when you die in survival).

I'm hoping they still do because it is a great place to farm these monsters but, I don't want to kill every monster in the vault if they only drop essence and the special crafting materials.

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Here is the first link google gave me when I searched for ancient vault.

It says following:

Action figure drop chance from monsters in Ancient Vaults (0.12%) is 20-50% higher than that from monsters outside of Ancient Vaults (0.08% for no-meat monsters and non-hunting kills of meat-dropping monsters, 0.1% for hunting kills of meat-dropping monsters).


After going through a considerable number of dungeons I finally got a monster to drop an action figure.

So yes, they can drop their action figures while inside an ancient vault.

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