I am at Kaer Moren after finding Ciri before the battle.

Inside Kaer Moren, I found a chest whose loot started "Berengar's blade". After reading Berengar's notes, it tells me to talk to Vesemir.

Yet talking to him does not work as it's only pre-battle talks. (Geralt only tells Vesemir that he seems to be in a good mood, no real interaction happening.)

When I progress to start the actual battle, the quest fails immediately. So while this quest seems to be glitched, I wonder:

Is there a way to solve this quest without talking to Vesemir so to only have this part of the quest fail and not its entirely?

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Yes, you can just go to the cave that contains the diagram without speaking to Vesemir. The catch is that you don't know where it is!


Follow the river downstream until it starts to head north and there is a cave containing the diagram (and a large chort!).

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