One of the Vacpack upgrades unlocks a vac tank used exclusively for water. The game seems a little vague on the purpose of this, what can you use water for?

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Water can be used to:

  • Damage and destroy the Tarr
  • Temporarily stop a Rad Slime's radiation aura
  • Destroy a Crystal Slime's crystal formations
  • Temporarily stop a Quantum Slime's ability to align with one of its other possible realities
  • Snuff out a Mosaic Slime's fire glints
  • Temporarily extinguish a Fire Slime's flames
  • Power Drones, by watering their flower-shaped station

Despite the game mentioning watering crops, water cannot be used to speed up the growth of plants in a garden. An upgrade, the Sprinkler, fills that role instead.


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