Will I get multiple copies of a gwent card after a match with the same person?

I think I got it before with multiple matches with some merchant but I am not getting cards after a match. Why is this?

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No, you only get the card from a merchant the first time you beat them. This is explained in a loading screen as mentioned in this thread:

I don't get anything after the first win, plus one of the loading screen tips said each gwent player has a card that you'll recieve the first time you beat them.

Loading screen says you can only get one card.

The loading screen text is mentioned in this list:

  1. The total number of gwent cards you can win from merchants is limited, and you can only win one card from each merchant.

I can confirm by my personal experience that this is the case as well. I played the same NPC ~10 times to make money (pro tip: this is not a good money-making strategy) and I only got the card the first time I won against that person.

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