In Final Fantasy XV, there is a Hit Streak counter that increases every time you hit an enemy consequently within a certain time frame, generally without interruptions. In most battles, I will reach anywhere between a 5 - 10 Hit Streak before either the battle ends or it breaks due to either healing or being hit. In tougher battles, I can reach nearly a 100 Hit Streak when using Armiger.

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I have put many hours into Final Fantasy XV and I not seen any differences between a 5 Hit Streak and a 100 Hit Streak. Are there any benefits to reaching a high Hit Streak?

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Yes, there's an Ascension skill that increases damage the higher your hit counter gets, called Chained Fury.

From the wiki page:

Boost damage dealt when unscathed during chain attacks.

Unless you have this Ascension skill, the hit counter doesn't really do much, though.


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