I have noticed that sometimes in VATS mode when I try to fire my weapon, instead of firing, my character will use a stimpak and VATS will be cut off. Why does this occur and what can I do to control it?

  • There is an armor-ability that does that automatically, when you're below 20% health. Maybe it's that. I've never experoenced that bug myself.
    – codepleb
    Commented Apr 12, 2017 at 16:50

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Based on posts I'm finding, like this one:

Has anyone ever tried to attack in VATS and instead your character stabs himself with a Stimpack? This has happened to me several times, and today my character did it three times in a row until I gave up and manually shot the ghouls that were swarming me.

or this one:

Hi all just wondering if anyone else is getting a glitch when entering executing a VAT and the character decides they need a stimpak more than killing the enemy. This started happening after I found the Deliverer and used it for the first time. I'll enter VAT and pick the locations but as soon as I try and execute my player will use a stimpak and then exit VAT... Been happening more and more, and the weird thing is that it doesn't use up any of my stimpaks in my inventory.

or this one:

Anybody have a problem with your character occasionally randomly using stimpaks in VATS?

I unfavorited them but it still happens sometimes

It seems like this is just a very frustrating combat glitch, however, it doesn't seem to be listed on this list of Fallout 4 bugs.

A possible fix is mentioned in the description of this video, which states:

Switching in and out of 3rd person seemed to fix it, as you see at the end.

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