I am level 16. Can my current carry weight of 160 get any higher? Is this the max or will I be able to get better saddlebags later in the game?


Based on posts in threads like this one, it seems like 160 is the maximum carry weight possible in the base game.

User 1: Mines 90, wondering if it can be higher?

User 2: 160

User 3: Mine's 130lbs. I think you can go up to 160lbs tho

However, if you have Blood and Wine, you're able to get a 110 carry weight saddlebag (full list of saddlebags can be seen here), which brings your maximum to 230, or 250 with the Fiend Decoction, as mentioned here:

230 is max carry weight (with the 110 saddle bags (B&W) + 60 carry weight skill)

Actually the max Is 250, the Fiend Decoction Increases the limit by 20.

  • The inventory capacity can be increased to 180 using Fiend Decoction, however it has very high toxicity – Ejaz Jun 11 '18 at 21:08

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