I currently want to make a few changes to one of my Skyrim: Special Edition saves currently located on my Xbox One. Unfortunately, I can only make these changes using some special software on my PC.

Is there a way to transfer my Skyrim: Special Edition Saves from my Xbox One hard drive, to a flash drive, and then back onto my Xbox One hard drive?

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Based off this Reddit, this isn't possible. Instead, with the Xbox One, all saves are backed up to the cloud (which you cannot access in any other way as far I know). The reasons provided is that this is one way that players can cheat their games by modding their saves (something that I've witnessed first hand with the Xbox 360). I suspect this is what you may be trying to do (though I'm not accusing you nor do I care).

I did find a guide on how to do this, but it was posted two years ago and it does not appear to be valid anymore. I tested this myself with my console, and at step two, there is no option for pressing Y, and there is nothing in regards to step 3 for transferring saves, only moving the actual game itself to another storage device.

I've explored in My game and Apps and navigated to a save from one of my games, and the only options available are to delete.

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