So there are a few different types of Cooking Stations, such as the small one that's basically just a pot on the ground, a slightly bigger one with a hanging pot with a seat made of concrete blocks, and then a big one with a handle you turn with two roasted animals (or parts of animals) on it.

So, with all these different types, is there an experience difference between them all? Will I get more experience if I make a Baked Bloatfly on a big Cooking Station instead of making the Baked Bloatfly on a smaller station (ignoring Intelligence level, Idiot Savant, and things of that nature)?


From what I can gather, they each are they same. They just are different in appearance for cosmetic reasons, and take different items to make.

Here is a Steam forum where multiple people stated it doesn't matter:

No they are exactly the same, it's just a preference and for buildings in the wasteland. Not gonna have a rotisserie inside a house.

all the same, save place one and see for yourself

A Reddit thread also says the same thing:

It's just aesthetics. I've tried all the different cooking stations and had no difference between them.


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