Some have reported already to have found those in the pre-release and the option to create them is ON. I've tried to create about 20 maps and been looking everywhere and haven't found one.

Where do they spawn ? Which environment (biomes) they live ? What's the best way to find it ?

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    Are you sure your actually running 1.8? Do you have a hunger bar and other new features? If so are you playing on a new map? – Ronan Sep 10 '11 at 16:34
  • Sure I'm on 1.8 lol... – Warface Sep 10 '11 at 16:47
  • Try looking in creative mode where you can fly? – Raven Dreamer Sep 10 '11 at 16:54
  • They seem very rare...honestly disappointed in the lack of adventure. – Domocus Sep 10 '11 at 18:13
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    The towns are a bit boring but they're preparation for 1.9. Mines are awesome, though, and filled with track, which means rollercoasters for all. – Merus Sep 11 '11 at 15:24

This may not be exactly what you're looking for but you'll get to see a village at least. Try a new map with the seed gimmeabreak - it generates a map with a village right at the spawn point.

Oh and while you're there, dig below the well to find the abandoned mine!

[via Minecraft reddit]

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  • Since the seed led me to a village, this is the only way I could saw one :P – Warface Sep 12 '11 at 3:02
  • I concur, use the gimmeabreak seed. It's not worth the effort to try and find it by playing properly. If you already found a village in 1.8, the new villagers are a huge anticlimax anyway. You'll be glad you didn't waste more of your time (like I did). – user12723 Sep 26 '11 at 3:30

There was a tweet from Notch on 10th August saying that, eventually, Towns will have their own biome. How common the biome is, however, will remain to be seen in future updates.

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341414797482072298 is a seed where you spawn next to a strong hold and a village! Try it!

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You can find villages by going to a place where there is no large body of water ( seas& really big lakes etc.) and they usually live on deserts or flatlands. Some signs I realized in villages is that they have a lava lake which is basically a pool of lava above ground. They tend to have sheep and pigs. The best time to locate a village is at night because a village is bright because of the torches.


If you find a village, you might want to raid their chests if you are short on supplies

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Well the best seed I've run into is "gimmeabreak" and "Free". I won't talk about gimmeabreak because Nick already did, but to find the village in Free, you should spawn in a desert biome on top of tree near a ravine. Turn around and there's a cool village in and around a crater.

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    Posting seeds is not very useful because once the terrain generator is updated, it won't work anymore. – a cat Oct 31 '11 at 12:36

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