Assuming you are max level (110) I am wondering if it's better to run time-walking or heroic dungeons for gear. Which places drop better iLevel? At the time of this question the current expansion is Legion.

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I ran a time-walking dungeon which consistency dropped items of 830 ilvl.
War forged upgraded items went to 845 ilvl.
It's also worth mentioning that when we beat these dungeons some people got achievements for "heroic[whatever]". So Time-walking is the same difficulty as heroic.

Then I ran a heroic dungeon which consistency dropped items of 825 ilvl.
War forged upgraded items went to 840 ilvl.

**Summary: Time Talking seems to have slightly better gear. In addition, you can get weekend time-walking quests outside Violet Hold's entrance that give good rewards. **

  • If you mean warforged or titanforged with autoupgraded it would be better to reword your answer slighly.
    – Martin H.
    Feb 20, 2017 at 16:05

The item levels have been mentioned already:

  • heroic: 825
  • time walking: 830
  • both can drop warforged or titanforged items

However, it's worth mentioning that any non-armor items (necks, rings,...) from heroic legion instances are better than those from time walking instances due to their different stats. Legion rings (and others) with higher secondary stats are a lot more valuable than old style items with a main stat and a few secondary stats on them.
A Legion ring (neck, ...) with your preferred stats should always be preferred over one from time walking instances (unless the iLvl difference is really high).

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