Today I traveled to a friend's house and installed Binding of Isaac: Rebirth to play the daily challenge (to get the 31 consecutive daily challenges achievment).

However, the daily challenge is not showing up, as you can see below:

no daily challenge

Is there anything I can do? The internet signal is weak, but I can use it anyway (I am using it to send this).

  • Could it be that you only get the daily run the next day? I have no idea, but maybe tomorrow it is there.
    – Klyzx
    Feb 25 '17 at 5:25
  • It wasn't there anyway. I came back home and it was normal. Since I heard that the achiev doesnt need to be consecutive, I am fine.
    – carla
    Mar 1 '17 at 14:07

That happens when you have any mods on. Try to disabling them on the mods page by pressing Tab on the Keyboard or X on the controller.

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