I was exploring the new Alien Research Facility that was some ~1200m below the ocean with my PRAWN Suit. I entered the facility with my PRAWN and exited it to walk around. Unfortunately, there appears to be a bug that allows you to get out of your PRAWN when you are too close to a wall, leaving you stuck inside the wall.

I know there is a teleport command (warp) that you supply the X, Y, and Z coordinates you would like to teleport to. In this case, I wanted to teleport a few Z's forward to get out of the wall. How can you tell what your current coordinates are?


By pressing F1, you can open a debugger that supplies you with a bunch of stats about the game. One of the stats is "Camera world pos" that has numbers after it. These numbers are the X, Y, and Z coordinates (respectively) of the players camera view (which is basically your current position).

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