I generally avoid Steam games with third-party DRM due to issues the legacy copy protection schemes in particular can cause (see a question on Super User).

Resident Evil 7's Steam page as an example:


I'm fairly sure that the support is either inadequate or up to the developers (who may leave the DRM note out on purpose) as I have encountered Steam games that have some third-party protection according to PC Gaming Wiki and/or ProtectionID program (PC game "protection scanner") and no mention on the game's store page.

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    What's the question? – Delioth Feb 27 '17 at 21:32

No, it does not. Just Cause 3 uses Denuvo aswell, but it is not displayed on its Steam page. Similarly, Steam does not always inform when third-party accounts are required either, see Trackmania Stadium that requires a ManiaPlanet account to play.

Steam has however improved in this regard over time and is informing its users more frequently of third-party requirements.


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