Can you identify the early gaming system these controllers were shipped with?

What I remember is that the two hand units (essentially rotary encoders) and the light-gun hooked up to a CRT TV via a base-station. I think it was some magnavox odyssey clone. The console thing was bought in Europe, I believe circa 1981.

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    I just want to give kudos for an 'identification' question that actually follows Arqade's identification guidelines. – Gendreavus Mar 2 '17 at 19:50

I'm going to say that they are from a Conic TVG 406-6.

console Image Source

A lot of web pages that pop up for this are in what appears to be a European language (Spanish according to Google). I can't find much, but maybe this is from Spain which is in Europe. I also note that there appears to be a bunch of models of this particular console which may have different (but similar) controllers, but this one featured both the white dial controller and light gun.

  • I can't remember the console's shape, but i do remember these two pale red and blue buttons. So you found it! Thanks. Answer accepted. – isync Mar 3 '17 at 0:25

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